Playboi Carti feat. Travis Scott - BACKR00MS (2024)

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  • Длина: 2:40 min

Текст песни

Блейбой Карти, Трэвис Скот - Back00ms «2024»
In the middle of the field, throw me a bomb, I'm throwin' that bih like a quarterback
Standin' in the field, holdin' a bomb, throwin' that ho like a quarterback
Stood in the field, hold me a bomb, throwin' that ho like a quarterback

Ice on my face, woah, bitches tryna chase, woah
I ain't ever flake, woah, tell me what it take? Woah
Tell me what it takes, woah, grab the duct tape, huh
We not the same gang, woah, ho, I bang, bang, woah
I'm with La Flame, gang, woah, we too insane on these hoes
I took off my mask, you know, they mad, I don't see below
And the hoes, they fuckin' the hoes, big rocks on me, so cold
If you know what I know, hide your ho, big cups, I'm sippin' flamingo
I was in the spot yesterday with my pops, my grandma still play bingo
Niggas want a problem with the gang, man, I don't know why but we goin' dumb, ho'
Shakin' my dreads in her face, this bitch a lil' vibe, put her in my demo
Fuck how they talkin', we poppin' this shit right now, yeah, huh, huh
Uh, I was just zombie, boy, can't feel myself, oh, yeah, yeah
Uh, she's a trendin' topic so I'm tryna pipe, oh, yeah, yeah
Ooh, hit it one time, then I'm out, hit it one time, then you out
Uh, fuck all these bitches and bops, all of these hoes are hot
Ooh, I'm walkin' around with a lot, pockets is filled with them knots (Ayy, fuck this internet)
Bitch tryna sneak pictures, I don't give a fuck 'bout much
I think I need me a Ice Spice, yeah, I want me a munch

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